Wine / Beverages
House Wine 125 ml 175 ml Bottle
01 Le Bosq Blanc Vin de France £2.95 £3.75 £14.95
  Fruity nose of citrus and passion fruit, this wine has lovely fresh aromatics and a clean, well balance freshness - 11.5%      
02 Le Bosq Rouge Vin de France £2.95 £3.75 £14.95
  An easy drinking Southern French style with a fresh aroma of cherries, juicy fruit on the palate followed by a spicy finish. - 12.0%      
03 Le Bosq Rosè Vin de France £2.95 £3.75 £14.95
  Bright pink in colour with orange tints, this wine has fruity aromas of grenadine and red fruits followed by a round and fresh palate - 12.5%      
White Wine 125 ml 175 ml Bottle
04 Chenin Blanc Hazy View, South Africa     £16.95
  Fresh and aromatic aromas with crisp acidity, finishing on a long, fruity note.      
05 Chardonnay d'Oc Domaine des Pourthie, France     £18.00
  A dry wine with an elegant hint of butteriness on the nose and refreshing green truits.      
06 Sauvignon Blanc Echeverria, Chile £2.95 £3.95 £18.50
  Bright, lively and fresh with a long and lasting flavour with hints of ripe green melons and grass. - 13.0%      
07 Sauvignon Blank, Soul Tree, India     £18.95
  Vibrant and invigorating with nots of elderflower pear and green herbs; stropical. Sauvignon that breaks from the mould, from the multi award winning Soul Tree wine. The perfect accompaniment to your Indian meal.      
08 Sauvignon Blanc, Sula India     £19.25
  A refreshingly light palate with lots of herbaceous and cut grass notes.      
09 Pinot Griglo Superiore, Castello Di Arcano, Italy     £19.50
  A fresh, well balanced dry wine, slightly minimally with good weight and length.      
10 Chablis Domaine Jean Goulley, France     £24.00
  Good weight with a clean, pronounced mineral character on the nose and palate.      
11 Sancerre Domaine Gerard Millet, France     £28.00
  Vibrant Sauvignon notes of grapefruit and lemon with good weight and a clean crisp finish.      
Rose Wine     Bottle
12 Chateau de Campuget Rose, France     £17.95
  Lovely pink colour - good weight for a Rose showing bright berried fruit through to a crisp and lingering finish.      
13 Rosè Soul Tree, India     £18.95
  Crisp and rereshing with juicy strawberry, light spice and pepper. From the multi-award winnign Soul Tree wine. The perfect accompaniment to your Indian meal.      
Sparkling & Champagne     Bottle
14 Carpenè Malvolti Conegliano Prosecco, Italy     £22.00
  A Floral and fruity boutiquet with elegant aromas of ripe pear, crisp apple and citrus, layered with subtle herbaceous notes.      
15 Moutard Grande Cuvee, France     £30.00
  Fine, rich developed nose with frangrance of butter, almond and brioche.      
16 Veuve Clicquot, France     £46.00
  This fine Champagne displays raisins, vanila and brioche together with toasty aromas from ageing in bottle.      
Red Wine 125 ml 175 ml bottle
17 Premium Malbec Mendoza Heights, Argentina £2.25 £3.95 £17.50
  A well balanced wine with inviting aromas of plum jam, through to a fresh juicy palate and a rich smoky finish. 13.0%      
18 Chateau Saint Romans Bordeaux, France     £18.80
  Berried nose with a pleasant softness on the palate, smooth, good quality drinking Claret.      
19 Shiraz Soul Tree, India     £18.95
  Fragrant with notes of black fruits and delicate hints of espresso, chocolate and mint with gentle tannins on the palate. A big warm tropical Shiraz that goes down like a dream. The perfect accompaniment to your Indian meal.      
20 Shiraz, Sula, India     £19.25
  Hints of dark chocolate, valina and jammy fruit characters coming through, medium bodied with round tannins.      
21 Rioja Crianza 'Rivallana', Spain     £19.25
  On the palate, it reveals concentrated, ripe fruit flavours and good stracture.      
22 The Black Shiraz, Australia     £20.25
  An espresso of a wine! Strong, purple black and intense.      
23 Bourgogne Pinot Noir     £21.00
  Domaine Saint, German, France. This wine shows a purity fo raspberry fruit with firm tannins.      
24 Chianti Classico DOCG, Italy     £25.00
  Velvety round, full bodied and balanced with hints of wood and violets on the nose.      
Dessert Wine   Glass Bottle
25 Barros Ruby, Portugal    £3.75  
  Ruby colour with complex aromas of red berries. Very fresh, fruity and sweet witha balanced finish. - 20.0%      
26 Castelnau de Sudulraut AC Sauternes, France     £24.00
  A lovely but balanced sweeteness with complementing richness throughout.      
                        Beer Price    
Becks 275ml £2.75    
Budwiser 330ml £3.00    
Kingfisher 330ml £3.25    
Kingfisher 650ml £4.95    
Cobra 330ml £3.25    
Cobra 660ml £5.50    
Cobra 1/2 Pint £2.95    
Cobra Pint £4.50    
Spirits 25ml      
Whisky, Bacardi, Malibu, Captain Morgan
Gin - Gordon's, Vodka
Jack Daniel's £2.75    
Johnie Walker Black Label Whisky £2.75    
Courvoiser Cognac £3.25    
Chivas Regal £3.25    
Gray Goose £3.25    
Bailey's, Irish Cream, Tia Maria £2.75    
Soft Drinks      
Orange Juice, Pineapple juice, Mango Juice, Apple Juice, Lemonade (can) £2.00    
Coco Cola, Diet Cola (bottle) £2.25    
Mango Lassi £3.00    
Sweet Lassi, Salt Lassi £2.50    
Fresh Lemon Soda £2.75    
Mineral Water      
Sparkling/Still (Large) £2.75    
Sparkling/Still (Small) £1.25    
Assam, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile, Green Tea £2.25    
Massala Tea £2.75    
Coffee £2.50    
Irish Liqueur Coffee £4.85