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House Wine 125 ml 175 ml Bottle
01 Les boules blanc vin de France £2.95 £3.75 £14.95
  Fruity nose of citrus and passion fruit, this wine has lovely fresh aromatics and a clean, well balance freshness - 11.5%      
02 Les boules rouge vin de France £2.95 £3.75 £14.95
  An easy drinking Southern French style with a fresh aroma of cherries, juicy fruit on the palate followed by a spicy finish. - 12.0%      
White Wine 125 ml 175 ml Bottle
03 Chenin Blanc Hazy View, South Africa     £16.95
  Fresh and aromatic aromas with crisp acidity, finishing on a long, fruity note.      
04 Chardonnay d'Oc Domaine des Pourthie, France     £18.00
  A dry wine with an elegant hint of butteriness on the nose and refreshing green truits.      
05  Il pumo sauvignon malvasia, San Marzano, Italy       17.95
   Aromas of peach  combile with a hint tropical orange zest. This lively fresh white blend is bursting with ripe flavours from the South of Italy      
06 Sauvignon Blanc Echeverria, Chile £2.95 £3.95 £18.50
  Bright, lively and fresh with a long and lasting flavour with hints of ripe green melons and grass. - 13.0%      
07 Pinot Griglo Superiore, Castello Di Arcano, Italy     £19.50
  A fresh, well balanced dry wine, slightly minimally with good weight and length.      
08 Chablis Domaine Jean Goulley, France     £24.00
  Good weight with a clean, pronounced mineral character on the nose and palate.      
09 Sancerre Domaine Gerard Millet, France     £28.00
  Vibrant Sauvignon notes of grapefruit and lemon with good weight and a clean crisp finish.      
Rose Wine     Bottle
10 Chateau de Campuget Rose, France £3.25 £4.50 £17.95
  Lovely pink colour - good weight for a Rose showing bright berried fruit through to a crisp and lingering finish.      
Sparkling & Champagne     Bottle
11 Carpenè Malvolti Conegliano Prosecco, Italy     £22.00
  A Floral and fruity boutiquet with elegant aromas of ripe pear, crisp apple and citrus, layered with subtle herbaceous notes.      
12 Moutard Grande Cuvee, France     £30.00
  Fine, rich developed nose with frangrance of butter, almond and brioche.      
13 Veuve Clicquot, France     £46.00
  This fine Champagne displays raisins, vanila and brioche together with toasty aromas from ageing in bottle.      
Red Wine 125 ml 175 ml bottle
14 Sierra los andes, Lujan de cuyo, Malbec, Argentina £2.25 £3.95 £17.50
  Intsse, sweet, spicy aromas combine with rich red fruits and floral hints of vilet through to a satisfying finish - 13.5%      
15 Primitovo salento igp 'IL PUMO' San Marzano,Italy     £17.95
  An intense aroma of plum, cherry and spice with hints of rosemary and vanilla. A full-blended wine, soft and balanced full of ripe fuit flavours through to a savoury finish.      
16 Chateau Saint Romans Bordeaux, France     £18.80
  Berried nose with a pleasant softness on the palate, smooth, good quality drinking Claret.      
17 Rioja Crianza 'Rivallana', Spain     £19.50
  On the palate, it reveals concentrated, ripe fruit flavours and good stracture.      
18 Vina echeverria, Merlot reserva, Chile     £19.50
  A medium bodied sappy Merlot backed by undertones of black pepper and drilled plummy fruit.      
19 The Black Shiraz, Australia     £20.25
  An espresso of a wine! Strong, purple black and intense.      
20 Bourgogne Pinot Noir     £21.00
  Domaine Saint, German, France. This wine shows a purity fo raspberry fruit with firm tannins.      
21 Chateau fleur de lisse, St Emilion, France     £30.00
  Blackberry jam, plums and ripe red fruits dominated the palate,. Layered with notes of cdear and liqurice.      
Dessert Wine   Glass Bottle
22 Barros Ruby, Portugal    £3.75  
  Ruby colour with complex aromas of red berries. Very fresh, fruity and sweet witha balanced finish. - 20.0%      
                        Beer Price    
Becks 275ml £2.75    
Budwiser 330ml £3.00    
Kingfisher 330ml £3.25    
Kingfisher 650ml £5.50    
Cobra 330ml £3.25    
Cobra 660ml £5.50    
Cobra 1/2 Pint £2.95    
Cobra Pint £4.75    
King Cobra 750m £10.95    
Cobra Zero 330ml £2.95    
Spirits 25ml      
Whisky, Bacardi, Malibu, Captain Morgan
Gin - Gordon's, Vodka
Jack Daniel's £2.75    
Johnie Walker Black Label Whisky £2.75    
Courvoiser Cognac £3.25    
Chivas Regal £3.25    
Gray Goose £3.25    
Bailey's, Irish Cream, Tia Maria £2.75    
Soft Drinks      
Orange Juice, Pineapple juice, Mango Juice, Apple Juice £2.00    
Coco Cola, Diet Cola, Sprite, Coke zero (bottle) £2.25    
Mango Lassi £3.00    
Sweet Lassi, Salt Lassi £2.50    
Fresh Lemon Soda £2.75    
Mineral Water      
Sparkling/Still (Large) £2.75    
Sparkling/Still (Small) £1.50    
Tonic water (125ml) £1.25    
Soda water (200ml) £1.25    
Assam,  Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile £2.50    
Massala Tea £2.75    
Coffee £2.50    
Irish Liqueur Coffee £4.85    

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