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With years of experience in food and catering service, Shilpa is commited to provide the best in traditional Kerala recipies in a modern style palatable to Londoners. Shilpa specialises in South Indian dishes in general and Kerala recipes in particular. Chefs with years of experience in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian cuisine are our hallmarks. 

Apart from food, a variety of hot beverages are also available for you to choose from. As a customer focused entity, we would always be listening to what out customers say. We understand that feedbacks from our customers are the best way to improve. Please use the contact form to pen down your comments. 

Shilpa Restaurant proudly follows the tradition of Kerala cuisine. The distinguishing and enriching cuisine from Kerala has been recognized by all around the world as the land of coconuts, with intoxicating fusion of flavors may not be found anywhere else. The uniqueness and diversity of our recipes with their distinctive flavors and aroma enthrall the hearts of world’s epicures. At Shilpa, we aim to present a minute sample of this extensive compilation of recipes for your gourmet appraisal. The eclectic menu has been appreciated by everyone from connoisseurs of Indian cuisine to someone trying the flavors from kerala for the first time. The service, value and taste have been praised very highly by critics. The growing community of loyal patrons has helped Shilpa to win the Archant Food and Drinks Award for two consecutive years.

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